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Welcome to Med Cologne GmbH Co. KG, Colognes well known independent organiser of medical treatment in Germany and overseas. As a German limited company Med Cologne started work beginning 2007 from its Cologne head office based in the heart of Germany. Cologne with its own airport and in reach of the airports of Düsseldorf and Frankfurt is easily reachable from overall of the world.

Germany has a long history of medical tourism, today patients from around the world come to Germany special to enjoy the exceptionally quality and wide range of medical treatments which only a few can provide. Continuous improvement is a core of the German Health System and quality is the main guiding principle.

The region of Cologne is renowned for its high qualified clinics, doctors and rehabilitation institutions which are renowned special for its medical clinics using latest treatments, equipment and technologies. Since its founding Med Cologne serves patients of various countries to seek and find the best possible treatment and outcomes for them.



Preventive check up

  • Basic check up
  • Thorough check up
  • Thorough check up
  • Special check up
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Offers for medical check up

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